Review System

1 star:

1 star means that the book probably made me want to pull my eyes out, I most likely did not like it and would highly not recommend it to anyone. 1 star ratings could also be due to the fact that although the book might be good in some aspects is highly offensive/problematic.

2 star:

2 star means that the book wasn’t necessarily bad in all areas but just was not my cup of tea or what I was looking for when reading the book. It also may be a rating I give to a book if I thought it was 3 stars but included something problematic/offensive that makes me bring it done. 2 stars mean I would also not generally recommend it to anyone.

3 star: 

3 star means this book was okay, it was not bad but it was not brilliant either. It will usually be a book that I read with no particular excitement or attachment to – meaning it was not really my cup of tea. 3 stars I would recommend to people as the book just might not be for me. 3 stars also equate to a 4 star book that included something offensive/problematic.

4 star:

4 star means this book I really enjoyed or liked. It is generally a book that I found good in all areas regarding writing, character and world development. It is not perfect but I still highly enjoyed it and highly would recommend it to people. Again like before four stars will equate to a 5 star book that included something offensive/problematic.

5 star:

5 star means this book was amazing! Like I would sell my soul to read this book with fresh eyes again. 5 stars is a definite 100% recommend not matter what. I will probably be worshipping it till the day I die. A 5 star book means that everything was brilliant and couldn’t really fault anything in my opinion.

1/2 stars:

If I give a 1/2 star alongside the other ratings it means that it did something that pleased me enough but didn’t boost up the entire rating. For example, a book may have good character development but falls badly on of other things, therefore, it will be a 3 and 1/2 stars.