My name is Sophie and like all other human beans in this world I’m stumbling through life trying to find what my possible meaning is (I still believe I’m meant to be in Prythian destined to meet Rhysand but sadly someone thought otherwise). I’m an extensive reader alongside numerous other things such as a procrastinating writer, avid day dreamer, younger and older sister and also someone who loves the quiet and could possibly live alone for the rest of my timeline {which is why I have a strange need for a zombie apocalypse to happen.. or maybe I just want to show off my bad ass skills – we will never know)

So here I am, a sixteen year old, Capricorn, kiwi (No not the fruit – someone from New Zealand), with really bad eyesight due to the fact I thought parents lied when they said you would go blind if you stare at the sun – no matter how pretty that sunset is kids, don’t stare at the sun…It really does make you go blind. I hope you can stick  through my big brambly ramblings and my cheese toasties worth deep messages that swarm around me all the time, oh and the occasional parts of my ever growing novel that WILL BE DONE ONE DAY I SWEAR.


-S O P H