Coffee Catch Up

Hi, guys! So today I am doing something a little different which was inspired by What A Crime of Rhyme weekend warrior posts! So each month I will just go give you guys a little update – or a coffee catch up if you like, just to show you what I have been doing and feeling! I hope you enjoy!

Listening to: Recently I have been soaking in feels due to the whimsical voice of Highasakite. Her songs are truly atmospheric and moving. I would highly recommend adding “Lover, Where Do You Live” and “God Don’t Leave Me” to your writing playlist if you need to get the emotions running.

Currently Read (since I have been on break):

Not Your Sidekick – 50000/5 stars

Vengeance Road: 4/5 stars

Wintersong: 4/5 stars

Empress of a Thousand Skies: 4/5 stars

The Young Elites (reread): 5/5 stars

Munching on: Well I actually haven’t been eating anything continually, but last week my mom got rosemary sourdough bread and we topped it with cream cheese and salmon….and ahh it was possibly the best I have eaten in a while!!

Sipping on: Because I’m a baby I normally just stick to my classic mocha every morning but I have also grown rather fond of Cortado which is similar to what Flat Whites should be like if you are wondering (the British make flat whites too milky – just saying)

Watching: Skam. All day every day. I have one last episode before I have finished all the seasons !!!  It’s so relatable, funny and emotional and a very realistic portrayal of teenagers lives! You can find it easily online on google drive!

Obsessing over: My new fairy loot book that just arrived and the bEAUTIFUL book that came with it – honestly I have been stroking its pages for the last two hours!

Feeling like: Tired but satisfied, I have been working non-stop since February so the last week I have pushed the aching thoughts of exams and homework aside and focused on myself – it doesn’t mean I have got anything really done but it feels good – like rubbing a strained back muscle before relaxing into a slump.

Hangin’ in and at:  I have been wearing my usual comfy clothes of turtlenecks and skirts but because of my new found love – Noora – I have also been leaning towards the slim jeans, junky jumper, straight hair, dark lipstick kind of look. I’ve been hanging at The Pudding Stop Film Club and a new cafe called Hatch.

Looking forward to: Easter break with days filled with slanted sunlight, cozy breakfasts and leafed through books. I am also looking forward to seeing Beauty and The Beast in cinema in a few weeks at my favorite independent cinema!

That’s all from me guys! Hopefully, I will do one of these coffee catch ups each month filling you in on what’s going on in my life!

– S O P H




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