A Refresh


Yes, after nearly three months without writing anything on here I am back with a refreshed mind and itching fingers that are burning to spill out my thoughts – and ironically just in time for the new year. Why the sudden return to writing with simplistic fonts on a visual screen? Well over the last couple of months, I have gone through a dramatic shift in lifestyle. It sounds cliche i know but hear me out. I have always been someone who believes in equality, coming from a family that was largely just females, I grew up as an independent female who even from the young age of twelve and thirteen knew what feminism and equality was and knew that it was something that I believed in strongly and would defend till my last day. And considerably over this last year, where everything has gone down the drain, this side of me has arisen more and began to realize more as well.

However, I’ve noticed rather shamefully that despite preaching that I have these beliefs – i am doing nothing to stand behind them. Nothing at all. I think what really shook me up and started to spur me into action was when I questioned my reading habits. When i asked myself – when was the last time I read a book that had a poc character? A lgbtqia+ character? A character with disabilities? I asked myself this and then looked up to my bookcase in revolt. I always thought myself as a diverse reader, a reader who has always read books full of empowerment and diversity. Ha. The only diversity in the books I own is that most of the main characters are female – oh white straight females that is. Not only that, I have also realized how problematic and racist my favorite books are and the scary thing is was that even after rereading all these books what three? four? five times, I had not noticed it.

And that made me realize how little diversity I have in my world – not in just what I read, but also watch, follow, idolize. And that then made me realize how much I need to change my ways. I need to start doing something rather then just stating, oh yes I’m this and this. Even though its something small, I am starting with reading diverse books, not only that, but #ownvoices and also make sure that my research for my book is solid and realistic – and not inaccurate.

With this fresh new intake on my lifestyle, I decided to go back to blogging and absorb myself in whirling words and thoughts again. The blog posts i will be posting may not always be so structured as last time with solid tbrs and reviews every week. I will do those of course – but I would like to come to this place as something more personal. A little corner for me to spill out random words and angry vents, like a small diary in a way, but of course open for discussion. Well thats that i suppose,  I never know how to finish these posts off….

So I guess I will just sort






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