August Wrap Up

Hello my fellow book dragons, long time no see!

Alrighty its been a week without social media for me, so I am sincerely sorry for not posting, its just I have been on holiday in the lovely Portugal, bathing in the sun and water alike! On holiday I read some pretty uhsome reads, so instead of doing an individual review for each I thought I may as well just do an overall wrap up!

  1. The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon – 4.5 Midnight Stars. OH. MY. GOD. GUYS. This book is 100000% so much better then the first book. I read The Bone Season a few weeks ago and wasn’t particularly amazed about it and also I was not aware there was a glossary – so I basically spent the whole time stumbling over the words and meanings. BUT. The sequel proves what everyone raves about, I absolutely loved the entire seven dials/ London part and exploring deeper into the gang history. And honestly guys…. those last few chapters??? My nails were a mess!! SO SO SO TENSE and EXCITING! Another thing I loved was although Warden is a hawt thang, he wasn’t this main central part of the story for Paige which is koooolll!
  2. The Last Boy and Girl in the World by Siobhan Vivian – 3.5 Midnight Stars. This book was seriously not what I was expecting. It was honest, light and very very realistic. It had a few twists that had me going OHMYGOD what the frickle frackle?? It was a story about friendship, first crush/love and learning to know what to keep in the past and how to move on. It had a very bittersweet ending which was a relief because i honestly thought the writer wouldn’t wrap it up nicely but it was! A very light summer read!
  3. The Problem With Forever by Jennifer Armentrout – 4 Midnight Stars. Its funny I am not a huge fan of contemporary books, but I did read a lot of them over the summer. This one was the best by far, although the plot was not the greatest pace and there was something in it that scared both my mum and I, it dealt with some serious issues rather well, had lots of diverse interesting characters and also had a very soft and delicate atmosphere about it. I liked Mallory I really did, she was very open, ‘human’ and easy to read about. And Rider oh my *swoons*. I could honestly see this as the next summer-teen-movie for 2017!
  4. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald – 3 Midnight Stars. I read this book for school, so the fact I had to analysis and rethink everything is probably why I disliked this book. Do not get me wrong, the writing is outstanding and flowery (which is what I love) and also the plot of course is one of a kind. But the characters…. Ugh. I hated them all. Like really really really dislike them. And its kinda hard to enjoy the book when you can’t stand the characters.This has only happened once before – with The Girl on the Train, but yeah if it had likeable/relatable characters it would 100% be about a 4 start rating…

Welllll thats a wrap up!! I read some pretty good beachy reads that I would reccomend to anyone who likes a one day read!

Soph xx


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