Twilight Thinkings: Head Cannons

Hello my fellow book dragons,

first of I just wanted to apologies for my odd posting habits, I have no sense of rhythm or pattern!! But never mind, and i know i promised a Ruin and Rising review but there has been something nagging at the back of my mind for a while, I’m not really sure what it is but basically i just want to write down some head cannons i have in mind that i want/needddd to happen:

  •  One head cannon i REALLY want to see is a gender swapped tv show/film version of the story lines like Stranger Things, Super Eight, ET and The Goonies. This 100% probably doesn’t make any sense so lemme explain, so you know in how both of these productions there is a group of middle school aged boys who are the nerds of the school and they land themselves in some kickass adventure – I want this, but with girls. No personality changes, no girlying up, just replace these dorky cool boys with girls – BECAUSE COME ON THAT WOULD BE SO DAMN AMAZING and secretly i would love to be one of them


  • Another thing that has been bugging me lately is female villains. I need a female villain who is evil. Like really scary twisted messed up evil. I’m truly sick to death with female villains whose back story is that they have either turned evil due to past lovers or jealousy or something that is to do with a love interest. Enough is enough. Authors please feed us some evil dark female villains that don’t need a love interest to make a interesting back story for themselves, you can do it for men so why not women?!? LIKE MOTHER GOTHEL FROM TANGLED oh no wait ahh no actually her motive is still beauty never mind. (see what I mean??)

tumblr_nah5ywXBaZ1r1c7rlo1_250She use to scare the jebbies out of me

  •  Leading on from villains, another thing i want to see (I’M SO NEEDY OMG) is for the villains to win? Sorry not trying to be a pessimist or anything but heroes cant always win – its not realistic. One head cannon I would love to see is a different version to Shadow and Bone series, i think seeing the different path would of been amazing and too be honest i would be all for it!
  • Another thing i think needs to be changed up is the YA heroine, now don’t get me wrong the fact that there are all those amazing female leads out there is crazy and empowering, but what i really need at the moment is YA hero but with the traits of a heroine. That sounds weird. What i mean is i think the YA section needs some heroes that are allowed to be weak and feminine (am i wording that right?), that are allowed to develop into heroes rather from the beginning be one. Maybe i just want multiply Percy Jacksons and Harry Potters hahaha


  • Also i think this is what everyone wants BUT PLEASE MORE MORE POC and LGBT+ MAIN characters not side ones, not friends but MAIN characters and not necessarily just in contemporary but in alll genres and it doesn’t have to be a thing that is one of the main points of the book, it should be a thing that is just natural and not made a big deal out of. I just want it to be a norm please.

Okay guys that is a wrap, sorry for the short almost whiny? post but its stuff that has being whirling round my angry little buzzing head for weeks and I need to discuss it!! Let me know what you guys NEED to see more in books, films and Tv shows!




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