Twiligh Thinkings: Throne of Midnight and Fire

When I heard that @Pollyandbooks , @gingerbreadbooks and @weereader  were doing a reread of the Throne of Glass series, my inner fae literally scrambled (gracefully of course or else Rowan would of given me a lecture) to have an excuse to reread these BEAUTIES again because I mean duhhhh its Sarah J Maas who wouldn’t pass up this opportunity?! So once again I sat down to read these books again and now mix feelings, both new and old, are surfacing and I must. MUST. MUSTTTTT vomit them all over this post before I explode  – sorry being graceful doesn’t sit well with me… sometimes when you need to verbal vomit ya just got to, Rowan will just have do deal with it! (Prepare for a very rambly ride)

TOG and COM and HOF Plot Opinion: 

I’ve reread throne of glass plentyyyyyyy of times seriously the amount is catching up to Harry Potter which i reread every year – gee that is pretty scary! But this time, I decided to discard the screaming fangirl in me *silently sobs* and bring out the more mature reader I hide away, I know, I know boRING but that hidden reader does actually have some good points… for example:

  • Throne of Glass, is probably the best thought out and the best well paced book out of the series which was surprising to me because whenever i think about the series i kinda forget that this is actually part of the series (strange but ya know) i think its because the knowledge from the other books overwhelm this one so much that its sort of sheltered in their shadows. But oh my god the plot for the first book is so delicious i could devour it, and even upon rereading it i still find no faults with it. I think the one thing i love most about this book, is the fact that your introduce to Celaenas world yet there are parts that are kept from you, parts that Maas gives you sips of aka Sam but never fully reveals anything which makes the whole book soooooo tense and exciting.
  • Crown of Midnight, in my memory has always been my less favorite, but reading it again i thought this book was alright. i didn’t enjoy the first part but i think the character development towards the ending is breath taking, its like we were seeing through a veil and Maas slowly lifts it revealing who the characters actually are. Chaol: someone who has been shoving down his true self, someone who is not entirely open to change and someone who is very afraid. Dorian: someone who starts  to realize the person he wants to become and wants to live in a different world. Aelin: someone who has been hiding her past, and who is not actually one person but rather layers and layers of identities that consumes her till she is not actually sure in who she is or who she has left to care for.
  • Which leads me onto HOF. I love this book, its my most favorite of all times. I know most people don’t like it because the characters change a lot and everything is quite drained. But it shows a wonderful character arc for Aelin, we see that the arrogant,swaggering assassin is actually just a young girl who is only just finding out how much blood she has on her hands and doesn’t and is not motivated to find her real self. Also Manon appears. Ohhhhh  how i LAVe manon like Maas said she basically represents the evil in us mawhhhhaaahah.

TOG and COM and HOF Shipping Opinion: 

Okay. Okay i can do this*DEEEEEPPP BREATH* yes i am going to talk about this. I can hear your collective groans. I know, i know. The shippers in this fandom are terrifying, seriously i cant say i ship Rowaelin without the fear of getting my head bitten off. I was talking about this with Alison (ofcrimesandrhymes – go check out her BOOTIFUL new blog) and these ugh “ship wars” have seriously taken toll and sends out really bad vibes around the book, so before anyone gets their knickers in a twist I’m not making a dig at you – these are just my natural opinion i’m not deliberately stirring up some beef – we have the suriel for that. But anyway here it goes… OH AND ALSO IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE SPOiLED DONT READ

  • Upon rereading Throne of Glass i realized i had forgotten what a lille cinnamon roll Dorian honestly, he is such a good character and i think i got bored with him when i first read the books because i mean witches and fire breathing bitch queens appeared and that kinda overshadowed Dorian piney love for Celaena. I don’t ship him with her though sorry doriaelin shippers it just to be honest after QOS and HOF i can’t imagine him with anyone else especially not manon ew no *shudders* and i think he deserves some time to find himself a bit. But i do understand why you want him to get with Celaena but i think they are better as friends but if all things go to hell i wouldn’t hate it if he ended up with her – in fact it would make sense for them to do to tie their kingdoms together.
  • Then onto Crown of Midnight, we see chaolena. Before i actually wouldn’t mind if Celaena ended up with Chaol or Rowan but now after rereading and being the mature reader i deiced no. Just no. Maas created their relationship that i dont think they could ever ever get back together. For example: DID YOU KNOW THEIR INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP ONLY LASTED A WEEK. A WEEK?! before the whole you know *wails* so yeah that kind of threw me off and Chaol refusal to accept Celaena as she was. But i wish their relationship didn’t play out like it did in QOS, i was very upset and wished Maas had done it in a different way.
  • AND NOW FOR HOF: *inner fangirl escapes and screams  and dances and releases inner inner fangirl* RoWANNNN. Yes you may of relaised this is my OTP. The otp of all time after Feysand. And theres a tiny part of me that is whimpering at the thought that Maas might pull her cruel twists and kill him off . I understand a lot of people, a LOT of people dont ship this ship, and for most reason i understand. Rowans attiude at the beginning of HOF is certainly down right nasty but the fae we see at QOS i feel is the real Rowan and i know this ship has a lot of lose planks and could sink at any moment but it just feels right…. also Rowan understand Aelin and STILL respects her and loves her and okay if people are still putting up a fight and compare him to Tamlin they can leave now thank you very much BECAUSE THERE ARE NO COMPARISONS. TAMLIN IS MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY ABUSIVE AND JUST WANTS TO HAVE LOTS OF SEX AND BE IN CONTROL AND ROWAN IS NOT LIKE THAT

ANYWHO once i finish rereading QOS, im pretty sure i would of exploded by then and my soul will have to find a horcrux so i can read EOS when it comes out


people this is the second to last book




xx Soph 



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