Me? A Blogger?

Hello there my fellow book dragons, its your number one fangirl writing from behind yet another screen trying but failing to sound like a witty funny girl you just so want to meet in real life.

Sorry to disappoint you! But I’m just plain old Sophie whose only quirks consist of not just reading but screaming about books and the occasional time where I sit and write something and who also like everyone else is now starting a blog…

To all those out there who have no idea who I am. Run. Fast. Before you get caught up in the storm called fangirls!!! But if you’re brave enough to stick around, my name is Sophie and welcome to my blog! I’m sorry, even writing this introduction post is painful, I can not imagine whats it like for you *winces* But anyho the reason why I’ve started a blog is because I realized on my Instagram I really want to go on and on and on in my captions but there is not enough space to do it. So… I’ve decided to start up a blog where I can ramble, bamble and not have a care in the world. I’ve actually being blogging since the age of fourteen but …well … lets say that blog was cringe central (If I ever start to talk about hairstyle or makeup pages PLEASE DEAR GOD STOP ME I BEG OF YOU) so its been deleted into the abyss of deleted blogs and I’ve decided to start afresh with a new one!

So what can you expect? Well verbal diarrhea for one thing (I can never stop rambling soz) but seeing as my insta has turned into a pretty page where I try to be cool and tumblr, I’ve decided to write reviews on this (prepare for the worst reviews you have seen by the way), monthly wrap ups and also some deep thoughts about books… to make this blog seem much more sophistacted then it is, I’m joking!!

Okay I’m going to shut up now and leave your poor minds to peace, but if you have stuck through this short but agonizing page to the bottom congratulations!! (can we be friends?)

xx Soph




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